“Proud. Strong. Visible” Photo Exhibition Now in Austria

“Proud. Strong. Visible” Photo Exhibition Now in Austria

ENIL invites you to the travelling photo exhibition “Proud. Strong. Visible”, taking place between 20th January and 26th February 2016 in the “Gang Gallery” of “Mosaik GmbH” in Wiener Straße 148, Graz, Austria.

This photo exhibition is part of a project aiming to raise awareness in society about Independent Living and its importance for disabled people.

After starting its journey across Europe in Brussels during ENIL’s Freedom Drive 2015 and having a stop in Izola, Slovenia, it has reached Graz, Austria and till the end of February you can find it on the premises of Mosaik GmbH – regional non-governmental organization, which offers and provides different services for disabled people in Styrian Federal State. The diversity of people visiting the “Gang Gallery” every day is impressive – disabled and non-disabled, local people, people coming from other regions and other countries, people working there, tourists, students and volunteers, parents, young and elderly – to name a few!

photo 2

The main goal of this photo exhibition is to portray disabled people’s commitment, strength and visibility in society and urge people to stop for a moment and think “What does independent living mean to you?”

Many thanks to Wolfgang Mizeeli for the text translation into German. And a huge thank you to “Mosaik GmbH”, especially to Heidi Leopold and Karl Brunner from “Schulheim”, and as well to Inga Baltina for their time and investment!


Project Idea: Gatis Caunītis (Latvia)

Photos: Valters Mednieks (Latvia)

Design: Kristaps Priede (Latvia)

German text: Wolfgang Mizelli (Austria)

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Gatis Caunītis

Vice-chair of the ENIL Youth Network interim board



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