ENIL Response to World Health Organisation ( WHO) Action Plan 2014-2021 ” Better Health for People with Disabilities”

In May 2013, the 66th World Health Assembly adopted a resolution calling for better health care for disabled people. Resulting from this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) initiated a process for developing an action plan in consultation with the United Nations organisations and Member States, based on the recommendations of the World Report on Disability and in line with the CRPD. ENIL welcomes the overall aims and objectives outlined in the proposed WHO Disability Action Plan 2014-2021 but asks that it goes further, in order to address a number of existing issues that continue to affect the lives of disabled people.

Please click here to read the full response of the European Network on Independent Living to the World Health Organisation ( WHO) Action Plan 2014-2021 “Better Health for People with Disabilities.

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