The importance of Independent Living terminology

Ed Roberts, founder of the IL movement

Independent Living movement has inspired many people for several decades. Ideas and views who used to be controversial at first have been affirmed by good practices, disability studies and political documents (e.g. UNCRPD) time after time. This success has lead to an increasing number of cases of abuse or ‘hijacking’ of Independent Living terminology. It’s clear this causes problems for promoting Independent Living, for lobby work and for the movement as a whole. And of course fraud can never be tolerated.

ENIL has consulted his members and Board to create clear and honest definitions on the most important Independent Living concepts. You can find these ‘key definitions’ below under the introduction by Kapka Panayotova, Co-president of the ENIL Board. ENIL calls on you to help safeguarding these definitions!


Download document:

How to Stop the Invasion on Independent Living? by Kapka Panayotova

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