Results of International Conference on Good Policies for Disabled people (Vienna, 25.1.2012)

With the participation of ENIL, this conference is included in Zero Project (more info)

The initiators Martin Essl (Founder of the Essl Foundation, CEO bauMax AG) and Jakob von Uexkull (Founder of the World Future Council and the so called “Alternative Nobel Prize”) are pleased with the overwhelming national and international response which turned the first Zero Conference on 23 January 2012 in Vienna into a real accessibility summit

The Zero Project gathered for the first time a bigger part of the internationally most important decision makers and activists of the disability rights movement and established itself as comprehensive think tank for the realization of accessibility and rights of persons with disabilities.

The huge popularity of the conference encourages the initiators in their long-term perspective: The organization team already started working on the sequel next year.

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All photos: F. Garzarolli, Source: Essl Foundation
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