Meet Dinah Radtke, (Germany)

Dinah Radtke (Germany)

Dinah Radtke (Germany)

1947             born in Bamberg, Germany

1978 – 1990   translator for English and French

1977             co-founder of the Students’ Initiative for Disabled Persons

1988             co-founder of the CIL Erlangen, employed at the CIL ever since, peer-counsellor, since 1997 senior head of the CIL  counselling service

1990             co-founder of ISL, the umbrella organisation of CILs in Germany , since 1995 responsible for international matters

1993            elected member of the Word Council of Disabled People’s International (DPI) since then responsible for different offices, e.g. chair of women’s committee

1993             assisted in developing an educational concept for peer-counselling in Germany, since 1995 teacher of peer-counselling

1993             Honorary Letter of the city of Erlangen for social merits, 1997 Honorary Medal of Bavaria for merits of men and women who work voluntarily, 2000 bestowment of Federal Cross of Merit by President Johannes Rauh

1996             organisation of the first big European conference “Independent Living of Women with Disability“, followed by further conferences

2004-2007             elected Deputy Chair of DPI, special area of responsibility Human Rights

2005 – 2006           participation in the 6., 7. and 8. meeting of the Ad-Hoc-Committee of the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons, co-chair of the international  caucus  of women with disabilit ies  in NGOs, representative of the international  disability caucus (IDC)

2006 – 2008           participation in  the organisation of several congresses and conferences, e.g. in Korea, Spain, Croatia, Canada and also as co-chair and world council member of DPI

2008 – 2009           active participation in several events in Germany given the ratification of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability

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