Meet Zora Brozina, from Zagreb (Croatia)

Zora Brozina Croatia

Ms. Zora Brozina, Association for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities from Zagreb, Croatia.

How and when have you discover or came to face with the Independent living movement?

I have become aware of the ENIL Movement through APEO when you contacted us and told us about your movement. Then Mr. Danči Maraz contacted me to describe him the situation of disabled people in Croatia in order to improve the position of disabled people.

Please share with us your opinions on how could ENIL grow even more (what should be done in the future)?


I think that ENIL is already doing a great job but maybe through meetings and talking to broader audience in the media we could be spreading our ideas even more. I think that also some interviews in the press or television would also spread our idea and general concept of the ENIL movement. We should become more connected and talk about our situation through e-mails about the situation of each country and how to improve it.

Which areas of Independent living are you especially interested in?

I am especially interested in the means of public transport in order to be and get more independent in your daily routine. I am also interested in the issues regarding getting job when you are disabled because there are still prejudices a disabled persons encounter when trying to get a job.

In your opinion how could ENIL activate young disabled persons to become activists of the movement or what advice could you give to young disabled persons?

I think that an appealing advertising campaign would attract young disabled people to become more independent and satisfied with their lives, particularly on an international level. My advice to the young disabled people would be to be yourself regardless of your disability. Any disabled person should keep in mind that he or she is first and foremost a person who is entitled to an independent and fulfilling life. Young people are usually very determined to achieve whatever they want to, and I think that disabled people are not different in that department either. Their position should give them an incentive to be more stubborn in order to achieve their goals.

Could you tell us something about yourself, like for example what are the areas of your interest in your free time or when not working on the areas of Independent living?

In my free time I like going to the theatre, cinema, reading, hanging out with my friends. I also spend a lot of time online exploring the sites on disability and various issues in connection with it. It is extremely interesting to me comparing the situation in different countries and reading about their specific problems, ideas and also what they have achieved so far.

Who has influenced you the most and how?

My mother who has always encouraged me to be a better person. My mother always tells me that I can do whatever I like and that my disability should not be a barrier in my everyday life. She keeps reminding me that I should use my other assets in order to achieve whatever I decide to do.

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

I am primarily proud of my ability to live independently and be respected. Every day there is something that makes me proud. Life as challenging and difficult as sometimes it is makes me proud because each day shows me that I have made a difference even through this e-mail or some small step. At the end of a day, I try to keep in mind that tomorrow is another day on my journey of independent living.




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