Organization: NGO HÄNDIKÄPP

The conference or other activity you are attending: IL-TRAINING

Why your willingness to attend this ENIL activity: I am very
interested and motivated to participate in this event, because I really need
the background information from other countries (theoretical and practical
aspects and legislation) concerning independent living. During the past few
years I have been actively participating in numerous discussions, meetings,
gathering and inquiring information about practice, theory and legislastion of
independent living in Estonia, especialy in areas of local municipality and
youth.  Since I also belong to Tallinn
city youth council, information gathered from this event will be especially important
for me to influence these areas, fullfilling my ideas and future negotiations
with officials and politicisnd and counceling others. In my opinion we need
serious changes to be achieved concerning the conditions and services currently
provided by local and state level (local municipality, Ministry of Education,
Ministry of Social Affairs, etc) to students with serious physical disability
while studying in universities. Insufficient levels of services prevent active
wheelchair users with muscle dystrophy for example to enter to universities in
places other than their home town, because constant help of partents would be
unavailable for them there.

Your expectations for the event: Getting to know
people dealing with these similar issues in different countries, getting contacts,
ideas and valuable information, which would help me to  find solutions to youth problems such as
descrived above, also in youth council (i.e. municipality and state level).

I am also a member of Händikäpp, I hope that our NGO gets more ideas and
necessary information to make further steps in membership guestion of ENIL,
since I sometimes see that developments of independent living in Estonia in
general are slow, with a lot of stupid, short.sighted and costly mistakes, and
sometimes shattered due to insufficient organization cooperation and lack
of  strong leader, partner and control,
in areas physical disability and other disabilities as well. Last but not
least, I expect to be part of mindblowing discussions and also, to give our
practice, experiences and legislation overview to other participants.

Any thing you would like to add on your background or about
: As I said before, I am a member of the youth council of the capital city
of Estonia (non-political). I am also Tallinn University o fTechnology (TUT), I
have been a member of of Student Union of TUT, one of the representatives of
TUT in the Union of Estonian Student Unions for 1 year, I have been a student
representative board member in TUT campus board for 3 yeears trying to assure
that new dormatories would be built accessible. I also helped the process to
achieve the installation of numerous lifts, which helped to make TUT more
accessible for wheelchair users.

have been also in the Council of Rehabilitation and Technical Aid of Ministry
of Social Affairs (state level overseeing committe) as a representative of the
Estonian Union of People with Mobility Impairment (ELIL).

but not least, I have organised youth exchange projects in local and
international level involving youth with and without disability.

I am councling as a volunteer young people and univsrsities concerning
acessibility, possibilities, applications. At this time we are mapping in
cooperation with ELIL and Ministry of Education programme Primus the
bottlenecks preventing disabled students to acguiring higher education in
Estonia in order to get rid of them.

I feel that I have very much to gain from this event/conference.

you for your patience in reading this rather too long overview.


the best and see you all,


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