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Under the theme: Segregation is not Education, FVID launched a campaign to protect and ensure the right of disabled children to have access to an inclusive educational system.

A letter was issued to the Secretary of State for Education after the declarations given where he promotes a model of inclusive education, where schools should be a common place for all students. Unfortunately, “all” didn’t include disabled children who are secluded in “Schools for children with Special Needs”, the Secretary was only referring to students who “excelled” from others.

Therefore, FVID felt there was a need to remeber the Secretary that “all” means that the rights of children with disabilities should also be contemplated in the law.

They support their campaign with two legal documents:

Visit FVID webpage for more information of the campaign and download the official statement sent to the Secretary of State for Education;


Segregar no es Educar



Segregation is not Education



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