The JAG Association in Norway is fighting for personal assistance and equal rights

The JAG Association in Norway started a year ago and has already 30 members. Only a person with multiple, severe disabilities including some kind of intellectual disability can become a member. Others can become supporting members, without power or influence in the association.

In Norway personal assistance was included in the Law on Social Services in 2000, as an alternative way of organize support to persons with disabilities. The municipality is obliged to offer personal assistance. Personal assistance is not limited to certain disabilities and includes both children and adults and persons with intellectual or cognitive disabilities. This is clearly stated in a circular from the government in 2005.


In spite of this regulation is it more difficult for a person with cognitive disability to get personal assistance in Norway. The JAG Association cannot accept this discriminatory treatment!

Persons with multiple, severe disabilities including some kind of intellectual disability should have equal right to personal assistance. Long experience from Sweden, as well as from Norway, shows that personal assistance is additional valuable for persons with intellectual disabilities because it is an individual support, gives freedom and quality of life.

Please, contact us if you would like to know more about JAG or what it is like to live with personal assistance in Norway!Ellen and Anne Frogner, e-mail: is chairman of the board and Anne is her legal representative)

The picture shows some of the members in JAG outside the Norwegian parliament, in connection with their first meeting with representatives for the ministry of Health and Care.


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