“The Last Taboo” – Film Breaking Barriers

“The Last Taboo” – Film Breaking Barriers

The ENIL Youth Network wants to share with you the success of the third ENIL study session, jointly organised with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe (17-24 April). It was entitled “Supporting young disabled people to explore sexuality and relationships as integral to their social inclusion and independent living” and brought together 22 young disabled people from 13 European countries. The often avoided, taboo topics of sex, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive rights and sexual identity, among others, were discussed in a safe, informal atmosphere at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, France.

A 30min video was created by the Council of Europe, showing participants and organizer of the study session speaking about the event and revealing interesting viewpoints on a taboo topic.

Full transcript of the video is available here.

Feel free to share the film in your networks!

For further information send an email to dilyana.deneva@enil.eu

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