The Spanish Independent Living Federation takes action to protect the rights of disabled people!

The Spanish Independent Living Federation takes action to protect the rights of disabled people!

Through ENIL’s Campaign for a Resolution of the European Parliament on the effect of the cuts in public spending on persons with disabilities in the European Union, a number of oral and written questions have put forward to the European Parliament by ENIL and several supportive MEPs. These oral and written questions outline the impact of the austerity measures on the living conditions of disabled people and ask the European Union what steps are being taken to ensure that disabled people are not further marginalised in society and seek clarification on what the European Union is doing to encourage the organisation of Community Based Services.

FEVI, the Spanish Independent Living Federation has developed a new political initiative which supports ENIL in our work against the cuts to Independent Living. FEVI along with supportive Spanish Member of the European Parliament Iñaki Irazabalbeitia (Verts/ALE), Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL), Antolín Sánchez Presedo (S&D), Izaskun Bilbao Barandica (ALDE), Mark Demesmaeker (Verts/ALE), Jill Evans (Verts/ALE), François Alfonsi (Verts/ALE), Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL), Marie-Thérèse Sanchez- Schmid (PPE), Nikos Chrysogelos (Verts/ALE) submitted a Written Declaration to the European Parliament in order to defend the rights of disabled people and their Personal Assistance.

A written declaration is a text of a maximum of 200 words relating exclusively to a matter falling within the competence of the European Union. They do not, however, bind the European Parliament in that they cannot be considered as an act of the European Parliament representing its position, but only those of its authors and signatories. It does however, raise awareness among other Members of the European Parliament and places the issue onto the political agenda.

This is the first step! The signature of a least half the number of Members of the European Parliament (383 signatures). If the majority of MEPs sign the declaration within three months it is published in the minutes of the sitting as an adopted text.

Please contact your local MEP and ask them to sign this written declaration. A list of MEPs and their contact details can be found at

If you want to contact FEVI directly, please visit their webpage or send an email to .

We only have until the 1st of April 2014 so please contact your MEP as soon as you can! You can use this Flyer to spread the information through your network!

Stop the Cuts, it’s about us!

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