Update on ENIL’s Campaign – “Stop Disability Cuts”

Update on ENIL’s Campaign – “Stop Disability Cuts”

This month ENIL launched the Campaign called “Stop Disability Cuts”.  A website was established in cooperation with the EFC and EDF – www.stopdisabilitycuts.eu. This website allows the sharing of planned activities as well as concrete cases showing impacts of the cuts on disabled people. News is updated everyday for you to follow.

The campaign is focused on the impact of the cuts and austerities that undermine our right to Independent Living and on the fight to raise awareness on the negative impact on the lives of disabled people. The goal is to reach politicians, policy makers, ENIL members, and the whole of society through the campaign. ENIL is calling all members to carry out an event on May 5th – The European Independent Living Day, in their own countries. The idea is to have as many simultaneous events as possible throughout Europe making our voice stronger.

So far 12 countries (both EU Members and neighbouring countries) have confirmed their intention of staging events or in other ways to raise awareness on the impact of the cuts on the 5th of May. The event or action can be anything from setting up a meeting to having a protest march. One example, Ottmar Miles- from German Council of Centers for Self-Determined Living (ISL) can be found on the website about what is happening in Germany.

Two Written Declaration, on the rights of disabled people, supported by ENIL have successfully received about 100 MEP signatures each. More signatures are needed and to achieve this please contact your MEPs to ask them to sign! For more information, please visit our Campaign Website http://www.wakeupcall.eu/ask-mep-sign-written-declarations/. MEPs contacts can be found here http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/map.html .

ENIL will keep you updated!

The ENIL campaign group:

Peter Lambreghts

Jamie Bolling

Mari Siilsalu

Gatis Caunitis

Esti Avarez



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joseph nyalik maguti

April 11, 2022, 6:45 am

We need to be in partnership in sharering more idears concerning people with disability,and development in socio-economic,thank you so much

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