Update on the FRA Project on the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and mental health problems

Project Website

The desk research reports will be made available online on the FRA website (http://fra.europa.eu/) in February 2012. The remaining reports will be published in the course of the year, with the Synthesis report being launched at a dedicated conference, which FRA is organising jointly with the Danish Institute of Human Rights, Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and Danish disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) under the umbrella of the Danish Presidency of the European Union. The Conference will take place on 7-8 June 2012 in Copenhagen and more information about it will be available from the FRA website next month.


In addition, some of the material from desk research reports and the fieldwork will be integrated into FRA’s two upcoming reports on “Involuntary Placement and Involuntary Treatment” (to be published in June 2012) and “Legal capacity” (to be published later on in 2012).


Should you have any further questions regarding the next steps or FRA disability work in general, please do not hesitate to contact FRA on disability@fra.europa.eu .

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