Week Before the Fourth European Independent Living Day

Week Before the Fourth European Independent Living Day

5th May, the European Independent Living Day is just around the corner! This is a day to celebrate Independent Living, to raise awareness about its importance for disabled people and to show that we are proud, strong and visible. Join us this year again!

In 2017, our campaign slogan is “Things I Can Do Thanks to Independent Living”. ENIL encourages you to make a short video (approx. 1 minute long), showing how you live independently or stating what this means for you on a daily basis.

CILs and individuals from around 20 European countries have shared their exciting plans for online and offline events on 5th May. Conferences, panel discussions, photography contests, as well as creative demonstrations and performances will make the fourth European Independent Living Day memorable.

If you haven’t shared your plans with us yet, it’s not too late, send an email to dilyana.deneva@enil.eu and do it! Please, share your photos and videos after the event as well, so that we can include them in our final report.

Be active on 5th May in social media as well, by using the hashtag #ILDay17 – share photos and videos and help us make this year’s European Independent Living Day a success.

Looking forward to your actions and news!


European Network on Independent Living – ENIL

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