What is Landsailing?

A sailkart is a vehicle designed for leisure or sport, only moved by the force of the wind against a sail. It usually has three points of support on the floor where wheels or ice skates are set. Sail can be of fabric, rigid or semirigid. It is provided of a compartment for the driver from where he steers through pedals or a wheel and handles the sail through booms with tackles. To sum up, it works in a similar way than a sail boat, able to reach amazing speeds.

Landsailing is, above all, a sport as surprising, passionate and energetic as unknown, possible to do thanks to Eolic Energy. It is a lively and powerful sport and a surprising, appealing and an incredible sensation of freedom as well. It was wonderful I could live another pleasant experience of independence. A political agreement to promote any kind of adapted sport would be advisable, in order to make possible the spreading of the adapted sport.

Jose A. Lopez

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