YHD: On the remembrance of the 3rd of December

http://www.yhd-drustvo.si/It has been 20 years since the first attempts to implement Independent Living in Slovenia and 15 years since the foundation of YHD – Association for theory and culture of handicap, which is the only organization providing for independent living and personal assistance according to internationally accepted principles and the principles of the European Network on Independent Living, ENIL.

Unfortunately, the Law on Personal assistance has still not been accepted and many rights remain unsolved. Instead of adopting such a law on personal assistance, where the right to live independently binds to the individual needs and with that to enabling empowerment of persons with disabilities in all spheres of social life, we are still tied to the implementation of the program which is still uncertain. At the same time even little progress quickly dies away and rather than trying to build on good practices and programs in the community, we are returning to institutionalization, loss of power of individuals and to strengthen these and other elites – unfortunately also disability elites. As one of the initiators of changes in the funding of disability and humanitarian organizations by foundations FIHO we look forward to the adopted amendments to the Law on changes in ownership of the Lottery of Slovenia, which would enable a more transparent and equitable distribution of funds. But these days we are confronted with the initiative of collecting signatures for a referendum, which traditional disability organizations try to gather by deceiving and lies, with the aim to maintain the existing strength of some traditional disability organizations.

At this point we gave the word to our users who were asked to tell for themselves what they want:

“To continue to fight for the existence of personal assistance and for the legality of assistance. People with disabilities can be equal only with the use of personal assistance for the needs that persons with disabilities can’t perform alone such as: care, clothing and basic life functions. Stane”

“For the state to finally realize that the majority of existing forms of disability organizations, are not up to date, and as such no longer serve their purpose. These are organizations that can be really proud of their history, which no one denies them, but they certainly no longer serve the needs of our time. Existing funding of traditional disability organizations, without the necessary supervision, where the competition is fundamentally repressed, corresponds to only a handful of people. Disabled people need organizations in which their interests will be represented by themselves they also need a network of organizations that will compete with each other based on their actual work. “Sonja

“What I want for the future is: To live as a decent human being, including personal assistance and independent living with enough material resources, and peace. I am afraid, however, that all this is threatened! Assistance to me means life: independence, autonomy, freedom, dignity but unfortunately it is still a privilege. I do not want to live in an institution anymore (the Institute where I have spent 15 years, of my childhood and youth). It would represent a step back for me, step into an addiction, step toward death – without freedom there is no life. “Violeta

“Personal assistance enables me to live independently for the last five years. First, of my many roles is being a mother. For me and my two sons that I have followed through the student years, what was priceless. Currently, I am finishing my second book on healthy diet, I have started to paint with acrylics (by my mouth), and much more. There are no words that could describe my affection for this program. I am immensely happy to be able to live independently with the help of personal assistance, despite the disease.” Polona

“For many years at the beginning of December at the occasion of International Day for Persons with Disabilities I pray to St. Nicholas to bring us the kind of call for public works that can be finalized until the end of each year so that I could have my assistant employed before Christmas Eve and that Santa would already know that I am delighted with the news of the approval of public works. »Stojan

“We want to live!” Irena

“In the future I want to be happy as I am now and as I was in the past! Now, that I am old, I am afraid that I’m not afraid anymore. Apart from the cold, which I can’t bare! Assistance TO BE or no assistance NOT TO BE. That is what, is the question here? Personal assistance means more to me than anything! We demand from the responsible persons to take their responsibilities. “Miro


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