Day Speech

Day Speech

Jamie Bolling, Executive Director of ENIL, European Independent Living Day Speech

The Executive Director of ENIL, Jamie Bolling marks the 2014 European Independent Living Day by highlighting the achievements of the Independent Living Movement over the last five years. In this speech she also takes a look at the challenges that we face in the coming years and why it is so important that we vote in this years European Elections to help combat some of these challenges.

+For an Independent Life (2013)

This video, entitled “For an Independent Life“,  portrays the lives of disabled people in Valencia, Spain. Representatives of ENIL speak in this video about their lives, about Independent Living and Personal Assistance. They outline the current situation in Valencia and what progress can be made towards Independent Living there.

Mapping Exclusion, Facilitating Inclusion (2012)

ENIL and Mental Health Europe ( MHE) hosted a round table on ‘Mapping Exclusion , Facilitating Inclusion-How to end institutionalisation and make the right to live independently a reality for all persons with disabilities‘ in the European Parliament in Brussels on the 14th November 2012.

There were a number of speakers who presented examples of good practice in supporting people with disabilities to live independently and discussed how the EU Structural Funds can best be used in this process. Jan Jareb, UN OHCHR, spoke on Tendencies in the EU in the mental health field from the human rights perspective, with focus on deinstitutionalisation’ and Judith Klein, OSI, spoke on ‘Structural funds and deinstitutionalisation- past hopes for the future’.

Freedom Drive 2011

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