"Toolkit to the European Elections 2024. Protecting the rights of Disabled People? What are your objectives? Finding the MEP from your country? What can you do on you own scale?" photo of a person wondering.

Between the 6th and 9th of June the 448,4 million citizens of the European Union will have the opportunity to elect a new European Parliament, making it on of the largest democratic events in the world.

The European Parliament, together with the EU Council, adopts regulations and directives, laws by which our citizens live. The EU Council consists of ministers, ambassadors and civil servants, thus representing the interests of national governments. The European Parliament consists of Members elected directly by the EU citizens. The Parliament represents the population of the European Union.

Across Europe far right parties are gaining votes. Those parties are hostile towards the rights of disabled people. Fascism is not a valid political opinion but a criminal ideology. The more seats such parties hold, the harder it will be for ENIL to get laws adopted that protect our rights. Voting in the 2024 elections is thus more important than ever because we need to ensure democratic parties that support disability rights get as many seats as possible.

You can do more than voting. We from the ENIL secretariat encourage you to request meetings with MEPs from your country before and after the elections, to check whether they support our political agenda for Independent Living. To support you in that, we have produced a toolkit, con-taining the most important information you need.

The toolkit contains basic information about the European Elections and the European Parliament as well as specific information that will help you. Among those are links to find MEPs from your country, a sample letter you can use to make contact and request a meeting and our manifesto. The ENIL manifesto to the elections contains 11 political objectives and arguments in support of those. During your meetings you can present some of those objectives to the MEPs to see whether they support us.

Should there be any questions contact our policy coordinator under florian.sanden@enil.eu.

You can download the toolkit in word format here and in PDF format here.
You can download the manifesto in word format here and in PDF format here.