Oct 31, 2017, News

Meet the New ENIL Board

The new ENIL Board members were elected at the General Assembly which took place on 27 September 2017, during the Freedom Drive. Here you can read more about them.

Oct 31, 2017, De-institutionalisation

Deinstitutionalisation High on the EU Agenda

On 12 – 13 October, the Estonian Presidency organised the conference “Dignity + Independent Living = DI”. Held in Tallin, Estonia, its aims were: to discuss ways to accelerate the transition from institutional care to community living in the EU and more…

Oct 31, 2017, News

FRA Project on Independent Living Delivers New Reports

Most recently, FRA launched three reports on the transition from institutions to community living – dealing with commitments and structures, funding and budgeting, and outcomes for persons with disabilities. You will find more about them in this article.

Sep 29, 2017, News

Independent Living Heroes – Ed Roberts and Judith Heumann

Ed Roberts and Judith Heumann need little introduction. They are internationally known as the pioneers of disability rights, as they put the foundations and started the engine of the Independent Living Movement. Their personal experience is as much a demonstration of Independent Living as their professional efforts as activists for equality and human rights for…

Sep 29, 2017, Good Practice

Working Together to Establish the World Independent Living Network (WIN)

Last summer, ENIL attended the Global Independent Living Summit in Washington DC. Organised by the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) on 23 July, the Summit brought together Independent Living activists from 50 States and from countries around the world, who were there to exchange information and support one another.

Aug 31, 2017, News

Jamie Bolling’s Freedom Drive Address

ENIL Executive Director Jamie Bolling shares what it is to be responsible for the oranisation of such a huge and important event such as the ENIL Freedom Drive.

Aug 31, 2017, News

ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive Conference

The theme of the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive Conference is ‘Independent Living: A Voice for All!’. In this article you will find detailed information about the date, venue, objectives, agenda of the event, as well as presentation of the speakers.

Aug 31, 2017, News

ENIL General Assembly 2017

ENIL will hold its General Assembly on 27 September, from 17:30h to 19:30h at Autoworld, Parque de Cirquantenaire 11.

Aug 31, 2017, News

Presentation of the ENIL Youth Network Board Candidates

The ENIL Youth Network will also hold its General Assembly during the ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive in Brussels. The Youth GA will take place on 26 September, 13:00h-15:00h, at the Paulo Freire room at Mundo J, Rue de l’Industrie 10.

Jul 28, 2017, De-institutionalisation

Towards the General Comment on Article 19 CRPD

ENIL sent two written submissions on Article 19 of the UN CRPD to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities earlier this month. The Committee is in the process of drafting the General Comment on Article 19 and the aim of the submissions was to provide detailed comments in relation to the suggested provisions.