Dec 11, 2018 News

ENIL, EDF and EWL Call for Resignation of Iceland MPs

Six Members of the Icelandic Parliament were overheard making sexist and ableist comments about a number of prominent women in a bar. This is inexcusable hate speech and we call for their immediate resignation. We, the European Disability Forum (EDF), the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) and the...

Portuguese Man to Hold Cage Protest in front of Government

This week, ENIL was contacted by Eduardo Jorge, a disabled activist from Portugal, who asked us to share information about his protest in front of the Portuguese Assembly on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on 3 December. Eduardo lives in a nursing home and...

European Network on Independent Living

ENIL is a cross - disability rights civil society organization working in all EU countries. ENIL represents the disability movement for human rights and social inclusion based on solidarity, peer support, deinstitutionalisation, democracy, self-representation, cross disability and self-determination.

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