Oct 30, 2020 Funding

Will social be Resilient in the new Recovery Funds?

On 17 September 2020, the European Commission published the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS) for 2021. In normal circumstances, the ASGS is the guide for the European Semester process. This year, however, the European Commission launched a new tool together with the ASGS – the RRF, or Recovery and...

What Disabled Europeans Have to Say about Transport

ENIL is part of a 3-year European project called TRIPS, which was launched in February, and is funded by the European Union through Horizon 2020. The main aim of the project is to make the transport in seven European cities – Brussels, Stockholm, Sofia, Bologna, Cagliari, Lisbon and Zagreb...

European Network on Independent Living

ENIL is a cross - disability rights civil society organization working in all EU countries. ENIL represents the disability movement for human rights and social inclusion based on solidarity, peer support, deinstitutionalisation, democracy, self-representation, cross disability and self-determination.

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