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What is needed to become a member of ENIL Youth?

Criteria for members of the ENIL Youth Network

  • ENIL Youth Network membership is free and open to all young disabled people between the ages of 18 and 35 years, coming from the member countries of the Council of Europe.

  • To join the ENIL Youth Network, an individual must first be accepted to become a member of ENIL. Those between the ages of 18 and 35 years are automatically considered as members of the ENIL Youth Network.

  • This means that the same criteria, which apply to individual members of ENIL, also apply to membership of the ENIL Youth Network.

  • Matters relating to membership of ENIL are dealt with by the ENIL Board, while matters relating to the membership of the Youth Network are dealt with by the Board of ENIL Youth.

  • Once an individual turns 36, they are no longer a member of the ENIL Youth Network, but continue their membership of ENIL.

How to join

What is needed to become a member of ENIL Youth?

Step 1

Please choose individual membership and confirm that you are between 18 and 35.

Step 2

2. Apply using the following links:



Step 3

3. All applications are first considered by the Membership Committee (consisting of three members of the Board) and then approved by the entire Board. The evaluation of an application might take up to three months, as the Board meets four times per year.

The difference

What are the benefits of being a member of ENIL Youth

  • ENIL Youth members have a vote in the Youth Network General Assembly and can stand for the Youth Board. The Youth Network General Assembly takes place in conjunction with ENIL’s General Assembly.

  • ENIL Youth members decide on the work priorities for the strategic plan and can table amendments to the statute of the Youth Board.

  • ENIL Youth members can take part in all activities of ENIL and ENIL Youth, including study sessions, regional members’ meetings, youth leadership programmes, online webinars and other. If appointed by the Youth Board, they can represent ENIL Youth at different national, European and international events.

  • ENIL Youth members receive ENIL’s monthly members’ mailing and the Newsletter. They can also join the ENIL Youth closed Facebook group.

Membership fee

How much does it cost to be an ENIL Youth member?

Membership of ENIL Youth is free, but ENIL welcomes donations from young people able to contribute financially or in kind. ENIL Youth members can support the work of the Youth Network by running for the Youth Board or by volunteering in different activities. For example, the study sessions are run entirely by volunteers, as are other Youth Network activities. In turn, young disabled people get experience as trainers, speakers or projects managers and their travel and accommodation costs, if any, are covered. Being an active member of the Youth Board looks good on a CV and can help young disabled people build networks, friendships and doors – sometimes even leading to employment.

Young disabled people can also join the ENIL Secretariat as European Solidarity Corps volunteers. In this case, their accommodation and pocket money are covered by the European Union funding. At the moment, ENIL is not able to fund a full time Youth Network Coordinator, so any financial or voluntary contributions are appreciated. Thank you for your support!