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On Our Terms – ENIL’s Podcast

Welcome to On Our Terms, a podcast featuring diverse disabled perspectives on independent living and disability activism, produced by ENIL, the European Network on Independent Living. 
Below you will find the team that made these podcasts possible.

Listen to the podcast here:

On Our Terms host and producer, in collaboration with ENIL

Áine Kelly-Costello, the Host

Áine is a multiply disabled story-teller, consultant and campaigner who loves to be in community with fellow disabled people. They have recently returned to Aotearoa New Zealand after living in Sweden and Norway for three years and connecting with ENIL.They created and host the podcast Disability Crosses Borders, and they regularly contribute to the Disability Debrief newsletter. Their transnational work has focused on climate justice, migration, accessibility, political participation and of course independent living. Twitter: @ainekc95

Hatiye Garip, Art designer and illustrator

Hatiye Garip is an illustrator, comic artist, and designer in Istanbul, Turkey. She likes to draw birds, flowers and ordinary moments. Her works have been exhibited and published in many countries, including Portugal, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, South Korea, the USA, and the UK. Hatiye worked for the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) as a volunteer in Brussels, Belgium in 2019. Since then, she supports various NGOs that work on disability rights, inclusion, and accessibility with her illustrations. You can see her work at

Dennis Queen, Musician (Intro)

On Our Terms host and producer, in collaboration with ENIL.

On Our Terms features Mx Dennis Queen’s original song Come Here. Mx Dennis Queen is a transgender (genderqueer), disabled activist based in Manchester. She’s gay-married and polyamorous, with 3 kids, who have just become young adults.

Dennis has been called a “leading disabled people’s movement activist” and also featured on Disability News Service’s first, “Most Influential Disabled People” list. Dennis has 20+ years experience campaigning with, performing for and volunteering at, disabled people’s organisations around the UK. Also has played at large Disability Pride events in the USA.

Dennis writes tunes about protesting and disability culture. She also performs some covers of other iconic tunes by disabled activists 💖 Twitter: @missdennisqueen Facebook: