Austerity Measures

Jan 31, 2019,

Protests for Independent Living in Florence

At the end of 2018, the Independent Living Association (Associazione Vita Indipendente ONLUS) held three protests for independent living in Florence, Italy. The protests took place on 20 and 30 November, as well as on 18 December in front of the Regional Council of Tuscany (which is something like a regional parliament), and received significant…

Jan 31, 2019,

Swedish PA Users at Risk of Losing Support

This January, a one-man committee submitted a proposal about the Act on Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments to the Swedish government. The proposal entails such severe changes to current rights that – if implemented – big institutions will be built in Sweden again. Above all, there are three suggestions that would jeopardise…

Apr 27, 2018,

Netherlands: Society’s Dignity Going down the Drain (?)

ENIL has been made aware of worrying developments in the Netherlands, whereby disabled people will in some cases be paid below the minimum wage. In this article, Frieda Dijkhof provides more information about the situation in her country. Yesterday, I was cycling home from the train station, having just returned from a trip to our…

May 20, 2016,

Sweden in Violation of CRPD?

The researchers Ciara Brennan, Rannveig Traustadottir, Peter Andeberg and James Rice released this week their article “Are Cutbacks to Personal Assistance Violating Sweden’s Obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?”

Feb 03, 2016,

Personal Assistance Service CUTS in Latvia

Three years ago disabled people in Latvia received fantastic news – personal assistance (PA) legislation was to be introduced in Latvia. The legislation came into effect on 1st January 2013. In short, disabled people could apply for personal assistance funded through the national government and administrated by the local municipalities. It did not take long…

Jan 18, 2016,

Unjustified Cuts in the Budget for Personal Assistance in Italy

ENIL’s advisory panel member Raffaello Belli recently wrote an article as a reaction to the commonplace excuses of the authority figures in Italy when it comes to lack of funding for personal assistance. ENIL is perseveringly working in the area and next week a report on the situation of the personal assistance in Europe will be published.

Oct 20, 2015,

Disabled French Economic Pawns

UNAPEI, a French organisation defending the rights of disabled people , delivers today a black book to the French Social Security to denounce the exile of disabled French citizens placed in Belgium institutions.

Aug 18, 2015,

Personal Assistance in Europe – Still a Neglected Pillar of the Independent Living

Personal assistance (PA) is an important concept in the framework of the Independent Living philosophy and essential for disabled people in need to live their lives with dignity, fully included in the community and to realize their potential. PA is one of ENIL’s main areas of work as and again high on the 2015 agenda with the updating and expanding of the PA database for PA legislation in Member States and other European countries.

May 05, 2014,

“Stop Disability Cuts” campaign culminates in a number of awareness raising activities throughout Europe to mark European Independent Living Day, 5th May 2014

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) celebrates the first European Day for Independent Living with the Walk of Shame through Brussels and other events across Europe. A part of the “Stop Disability Cuts” campaign, they aim to raise awareness of the impact of financial crisis on disabled people and to show that, despite all the cutbacks,…

Apr 30, 2014,

Join in: Stop Disability Cuts Campaign Events across Europe!

The Stop Disability Cuts Campaign will culminate on the 5th May 2014 with a number of events taking place across Europe. ENIL are delighted with the response from so many Centers of Independent Living and Disabled People’s Organisations who have shown their support to the campaign and are organising events in their country. This is…

Apr 11, 2014,

Stop Disability Cuts Campaign: Action in Belgium

Save the Date; “Walk of Shame on 5th May 2014”
On May 5th, the European Day for Independent Living, we will take part in a solidarity march through Brussels; The Walk of Shame. We want you to join us!