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Jul 14, 2016,

Female Underrepresentation in the New CRPD Committee

On 23rd June, Sisters of Frida – a collective of disabled women in the UK – sent a letter to Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP (UK), UN Enable, UN Women, International Disability Alliance and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Jun 06, 2016,

Rights of UK Disabled Women in Spotlight

Sisters of Frida (SoF), a disabled women’s collective based in the UK, highlighted a number of developments that have negatively impacted on disabled people, in their submission to the UN Committee on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

May 20, 2016,

Sweden in Violation of CRPD?

The researchers Ciara Brennan, Rannveig Traustadottir, Peter Andeberg and James Rice released this week their article “Are Cutbacks to Personal Assistance Violating Sweden’s Obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?”

Apr 07, 2016,


The EU is important for disabled people with a minimum floor of rights being created in Europe pulling up standards for all. The referendum is quickly approaching, taking place on 23rd June 2016.

Feb 11, 2016,

Gisele Caumont Against Outrageous Statements by Nicolas Sarkozy

ENIL was contacted by Gisele Caumont – one of the proactive members of the Independent Living movement, who is French, but nowadays lives in Sweden1. She shared with us a strong letter, written on the occasion of an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy – French president between 2007 and 2012.

Sep 03, 2015,

When Nothing Else Works – CIL Sofia In Action

In most national languages tribunal is a special jurisdiction, usually in postwar situations and outside the regular court system. The 1945 Nurnberg Tribunal marked the start of special courts for crimes against humanity…

Aug 03, 2015,

Severe Violations of Rights of Disabled People in Iraqi Kurdistan

Through recent reports from the Institute of Kurds with disabilities in Sweden, the situation for disabled persons within the Iraqi Kurdistan illustrates a grisly and an outright inhumane treatment of these people with their basic human rights being grossly violated.

Jul 28, 2015,

Disabled French Alone – or Sent to Belgium

The French government has already been condemned several times for its unwillingness to take care of disabled persons. Each time, the scenario is the same: the judge recognizes the government´s failure and condemns it to pay indemnity plus interests to the families…

Jun 05, 2015,

Freedom of Movement for All?

Viviane Sorée, Chair of Onafhankelijk Leven, an ENIL member organisation in Belgium, experienced horrible discrimination by an airline company. Sadly enough, this is not a single case. This has to stop! ENIL calls on the European institutions to act and to make freedom of movement and consumer rights a reality for all.

Mar 25, 2015,

Bulgaria: When a House Is Not a Home

My name is Bridget Cooper and between 2011 and 2015, I shared my house in Bulgaria with eight women with a mild learning disability. I lived on the third floor and the municipality rented the fully furnished two lower floors for a symbolic rent, to be used as ‘zashtiteno jilishte’ (protected house).

Nov 28, 2014,

Greece: Children in institutions locked up in cages

On 14 November, BBC published an article on the conditions in the institution in Lechaina, Greece, where more than 60 disabled children are being held in purpose-built cages. At the same time, a supported living service in the same county, funded by the European Union, lies empty due to the lack of staff. ENIL has…

Nov 14, 2014,

Powerchair broken: quadriplegic man stuck at home for more than 3 months

Since June 21th 2014, Zig Blanquer, a 35 year old from Nantes, France, with neuromuscular disease cannot use his power wheelchair any longer, which is a key part for his daily life. This electric wheelchair is an extension of his own body. It is crucial to change positions, release muscular tension and serves in leading…

Mar 20, 2014,

Disabled Bulgarians Denied the Right to Independent Living

Reasons for my trip to Bulgaria I was invited by ENIL to go and speak at a conference in Sofia on deinstitutionalisation and community-based services, representing the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care (EEG). This was one of a number of similar seminars, which the EEG is organising in cooperation…

Mar 06, 2014,

Anthony Kletzander- Abuse of Human Rights: Dublin, Ireland

Anthony has the label of Autism, he does not use the spoken word but he is able to communicate very effectively through typing on his light writer. Anthony’s struggle for independent living highlights important issues for all disabled people, living in Ireland and Europe who have a human right to independent living as per article…

Nov 28, 2013,

A question of equality in Germany?

Should participation benefits for disabled people be means tested or not? This has been discussed in Germany for more than 40 years. Currently disabled persons are only granted benefits for care and participation in society (the terms for personal assistance in Germany) when their complete assets and/or that of their closest relatives  does not exceed…