Europe in Action

Dec 04, 2017,

No Place for Institutions in a Sustainable and Resilient Society

Brussels, 4 December – The International Day of Persons with Disabilities, on 3 December, is an opportunity to take stock of progress achieved towards the right to independent living for all. It is a day to celebrate, but also to protest, against the continued denial of basic human rights that allow disabled people to live dignified lives.

Jul 28, 2017,

ENIL Freedom Drive Update: Two Months to Go!

The Freedom Drive is quickly approaching and ENIL is working hard, regardless of the Summer holidays. There are a couple of updates, which you can read in this article .

Mar 30, 2017,

Planning 5th May Across Europe

Sixteen countries contacted ENIL to share their plans for 5th May – the European Independent Living Day. Read them and share yours with us, if you haven’t done so yet!

Dec 15, 2016,

Beauty is in the Differences

ENIL is pleased to share with you a story about an empowering campaign that disabled women in Bosnia and Herzegovina recently organised. They were the first in the country daring to challenge public attitudes towards disabled women and achieved great success.

Dec 09, 2016,

ENIL Youth with Another Successful Study Session

The study session “All in – creating inclusive and empowering spaces for all”, coordinated by IFM-SEI and ENIL, in partnership with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe took place between 13th and 20th November 2016 in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France.