Good Practice

May 12, 2017,

How Can I Benefit from the European Solidarity Corps?

The European Solidarity Corps is a new EU initiative which will provide opportunities for young people aged 18-30 to participate in projects which will benefit individuals and communities across Europe.

Apr 04, 2017,

EU Prepares to Launch the European Solidarity Corps

The European Commission has launched a new initiative – the European Solidarity Corps. As an organisation promoting employment opportunities for young disabled people, ENIL has taken part in the process of consultation by attending meetings and submitting a written response.

Feb 28, 2017,

CIL Serbia on a Study Visit to London, UK

Last year, ENIL assisted our member CIL Serbia in organizing a study visit to London. The visit – which took place between 3 and 7 July – was part of the project “Strengthening political participation of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia”. It was facilitated by Disability Rights UK (DRUK) and ENIL.

Jan 26, 2017,

ENIL-EDF Survey on Independent Living

ENIL, in cooperation with the European Disability Forum (EDF), is working on a good practice collection on Independent Living. For the purpose, we have put together a survey, which we invite you to complete.

Dec 29, 2016,

ENIL and Peer Support in 2016

Peer support is one of the pillars of Independent Living and an essential element for the self-determination of disabled people. Therefore, in 2016, it was one of the areas of work that the ENIL focused on. ENIL carried out a survey and organized a training…

Sep 29, 2016,

How to Make a Training Accessible

ENIL and the Council of Europe (CoE) have a long tradition of fruitful cooperation. This is mostly because of our shared values – of human rights and inclusion.

Aug 26, 2016,

EU Funding Awarded to CEJI Hate Crime Monitoring

ENIL is glad to spread the good news that CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe, in partnership with ENIL, has been awarded significant funding from the European Commission DG Justice, to support the new project: “Facing all the Facts”.

Jul 28, 2016,

ENIL Contributes to Transition to Adulthood Debate

Transition to adulthood is extremely important stage of life, often full of difficulties. It is marked by taking on new roles and responsibilities in interrelated domains, such as education and employment.

Jul 25, 2016,

Belarus Releases Zero Report in English

On Wednesday, 20th July 2016, Office for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and coalition of NGOs introduced the English version of their Zero Report on the situation with the rights of disabled people in Belarus.

May 27, 2016,

Hundreds Joined ENIL’s 5th May Campaign

This year, the third European Independent Living Day was celebrated in Europe (and beyond!) with the presence of 30 countries. As Jamie Bolling (ENIL’s Executive Director) said back in 2014 – this day “aims to foster unity for disabled people and our supporters and to also raise awareness of Independent Living”