Dec 01, 2010, Disability Watchdog

Disability Watchdog: Small Institutions in Spain

Small Institutions offered as an Independent Living alternative to the residential resource. Issue that was addressed: On October 1st, the Association L’Auro organized in Castellón (Spain) the I Conference about Independent Living programmes for disabled people, with the title: “Welcome to the Independent republic of our home”. The programmes were referred to housing resources. Enil…

Dec 01, 2010, News

Thoughts of Erik Ljungberg ENIL Board Member

    My name is Erik Ljungberg and I feel proud to represent Northern Europe in the ENIL board.   In two weeks I am off to Brussels to discuss disability issues at the European Day of People with Disabilities. One thing that amuses me is that it seems that accessibility has different priority in different…

Dec 01, 2010, News

In memory of Rolf Bergfors

  Foundation Fund for the memory of Rolf Bergfors Foundation Fund for the memory of Rolf Bergfors is established in memory of Rolf Bergfors, who through his work in GIL helped to push through the assistance reform in Sweden.   Rolf Bergfors was engaged in the Independent Living movement and his vision and ideas were…

Dec 01, 2010, News

Independent Living in Cyprus

  Overview of Disability and Independent Living Movement in Cyprus, by Mr. Chrysis Michaelides, President of the EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM OF CYPRUS (ESFC) Associated member of ENIL   As Mr. Michaelides affirms, in Cyprus the Independent Living movement is on a primitive stage and this is based on the wrong attitude of the persons with…

Dec 01, 2010, Role Models

Meet Gisele Caumont, from Mora (Sweden)

  Gisèle Caumont, who is French, but nowadays is living in Mora in the north of Sweden, has answered 10 questions: What is your personal experience of disability? I have cerebral palsy since birth. I am French, born in Paris just before the war began. My father was a prisoner i Germany and my mother…

Dec 01, 2010, News

New subjet for a master degree; Gender and Disability

  A Disabled people Organization included the subject “Gender and disability” in a master’s degree of the Basque Country University. Fekoor, Coordinating Federation of Physical Disabled People of the Basque Country (Spain), reached a significant educational achievement by including the issue of Disability in the Educational Curriculum of the University of the Basque Country.  …

Dec 01, 2010, News

JAG Norway demands personal assistance for all

  The JAG Association in Norway is fighting for personal assistance and equal rights for persons with intellectual disabilities The JAG Association in Norway started a year ago and has already 30 members. Only a person with multiple, severe disabilities including some kind of intellectual disability can become a member. Others can become supporting members,…

Dec 01, 2010, News

Funkisbyran; Disability Diversity

“Funkisbyrån” is Sweden’s first model agency for persons with disabilities. It is a project driven by the JAG Association with financial support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund to stretch the diversity concept to also cover persons with disabilities.   Funkisbyrån started a year ago and have now over 200 models. The aim is to make persons with…

Nov 25, 2010, Disability Watchdog

Disability Watchdog: Misdirection of funds in Bulgaria

Issue Addressed Continued misdirection of funds and wasted opportunities to ensure the social inclusion of disabled people in Bulgaria. Measurement taken Resignation of Kapka Panayotova Bulgarian Ambassador for the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion see following letter:

Nov 17, 2010, Role Models

Meet Gordana Rajkov, from Belgrade (Serbia)

  –How and when have you discovered or came to know about the Independent living movement?   As my parents died when I was very young,  I stayed on my own and I practiced independent living style almost all my life, without thinking whether it has some particular name or philosophy behind it. First information about…

Nov 17, 2010, News

Discrimination against disabled people from EU airlines

  EU Airlines Continue to Discriminate People with Disabilities Airlines operating in the EU continue to impose restrictions on the numbers of  wheelchair users which they permit to travel on one flight. Ryanair’s stated policy permits a maximum of 4 disabled people per flight while other EC airlines have policies which allow as few as…

Nov 17, 2010, News

Conference on Women and Disability by Eginaren Eginez

During the 10-11th of November the organization Eginaren Eginez, member of ENIL organised a conference with the theme: Women and Disability. The conference gathered key activists of the Spanish Independent Living Movement who shared their knowledge and personal experience on the subject. The following presentations were made: Equal Lives, Different Lives. Stories of Personal Assistance…

Nov 17, 2010, News

Legal Capacity, letter by Monica Tornevik

My name is Monica Tornevik. I would talk about the importance of being able to make my own decisions with the help of my legal guardian. I was born with a brain damage and I have been using a wheelchair since I was a teenager. I grew up with my parents and my two sisters. …

Nov 15, 2010, Role Models

Meet Gina McNamara, from Galway (Ireland)

  Gina Mcnamara My name is Gina Mc Namara from Galway in the West of Ireland.  I am a person with a visual impairment since birth.   I have Congenital Glaucoma which means I am completely blind in one eye, with partial sight in the other.I have not let my disability stand in the way of living independently….

Nov 15, 2010, News

Report of Mr Damjan Tatic on the Third Conference of State Parties of the UNCRPD

  Third Conference of State Parties to the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities in New York, September 2010 The 3rd conference of state parties to Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities took place at the United Nations headquarters in New York from September 1st until September 3rd 2010. Within the framework…

Nov 15, 2010, News

Disability Watchdog Good Practice

Nomination of Mr Damjan Tatic to UN Committee – Slovenia   Law on Personal Assistance – Slovenia   March against Deinstitutionalisation – Slovenia

Nov 15, 2010, Role Models

Meet Zora Brozina, from Zagreb (Croatia)

Ms. Zora Brozina, Association for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities from Zagreb, Croatia. –How and when have you discover or came to face with the Independent living movement? I have become aware of the ENIL Movement through APEO when you contacted us and told us about your movement. Then Mr. Danči Maraz contacted me to…