Let's shape the freedom drive 2024. Meeting with our members. 7 December, 15:00 CET, on Zoom

As you know, the Freedom Drive is happening next September 2024 from Monday the 23rd to Wednesday the 25th. ENIL will also be marking it’s 35th anniversary the same year.

We are in the beginning stages of planning and we have decided to try a new initiative that involves you as a member of our network. We want to hear from you. To learn about your hopes, expectations and the many great ideas you have. And we want to hear them from the outset so we can implement them in the upcoming Freedom Drive 2024!

To do this we will host an open meeting that you are invited to. The meeting will take place through Zoom on the 7th of December at 15:00 CET.

An open discussion will take place under a few different topics such as:

  •    Overal theme
  •    Programme ideas
  •    Protest ideas
  •    Accessibility
  •    Engagement of MEPs/Politicians
  •    Fundraising

From this initial brainstorm session we will invite those would like to continue to be involved to join a Freedom Drive Planning Committee. The idea is that the committee will meet every 3 months. The secretariat will update the board on the progress of planning and the committee can give input and advice.

Please be aware that the planning work and responsibility remains with the ENIL secretariat. The brainstorming meeting and the Planning Committee are both our way of opening and keeping open a line of communication between us and you.

We want to Freedom Drive 2024 to reflect the vision of our amazing network and we want you to feel support in getting yourselves here to Brussels!

Please, register here by the 30th of November and if you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out.