Towards an ENIL proposal for the European Commission Framework on Social Services. 16 July 2023, from 10:00 to 12:00, on Zoom. ENIL logo and Co-funded by the European Union

26th of July 2023, 10.00 – 12.00, online on Zoom

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As part of the European Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ESRPDs 2021-2030) the European Commission will publish in 2024 a FCo-ramework for Social Services of Excellence for persons with disabilities. This framework is intended to improve service delivery for persons with disabilities and to enhance the attractiveness of jobs in this area.

Naturally, ENIL wishes to provide input to this Commission initiative. For us it will be an opportunity to talk about horizontal quality principles that is principles which are relevant across services, be it personal assistance, housing or healthcare.

To prepare our input we wish to listen to our members and experts. During our webinar, experts on the concepts of peer support, co-decision making/co-design, affordability and availability, intersectionality and disability assessments will present their analysis. Afterwards there will be time for questions to the speakers and discussion. Lastly, you will have a chance to voice your views on which aspects should be included in our Proposal.

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10:00Welcome and introduction: Horizontal aspects of disability support services
Florian Sanden
ENIL Policy Coordinator
10:10Peer support
Dr. James Elder-Woodward
Campaigner and Researcher
10:20Co-design and co-decision
Dr. Teodor Mladenov
Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Research)
School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
University of Dundee
10:30Affordability and availability
Dr. Miro Griffiths
Early Career Research Fellow
University of Leeds
Ciara Brennan (TBD)
10:50Disability assessments
Nick Crosby
11:00Questions to the speakers and discussion
11:20Working groups: Which aspects should ENIL advance in EU policy making?
11:50Presentation of key results and closing