Training on disabled women and political participation. 21 May and 28 May. Online. By ENIL and co-funded by the EU

In partnership with Elena Ratoi, ENIL presents a two-session training on empowering disabled women in political participation and leadership. This program, designed for up to 30 participants, offers a certificate upon completion.

Session 1 focuses on understanding the importance of political engagement, legal frameworks, and transforming barriers into opportunities.
Session 2 covers campaign planning, communication strategies, fundraising, and navigating challenges specific to disabled women.

Session 1: “Political participation of disabled women: get involved!” (1.5 hours – 21 May)

  • Understand the importance of political participation of disabled women
  • Learn about the international and legal frameworks
  • Explore methods of political engagement
  • Transform barriers into opportunities
  • Hear inspiring stories of women leaders
  • Discover personal strengths and motivations to run for office

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Session 2: “Running for elections: everything you wanted to know before getting involved in elections” (1.5 hours – 28 May)

  • Learn about running locally vs. nationally/internationally and running independently vs. running for a party
  • Develop a campaign plan
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Address struggles specific to disabled women
  • Develop a fundraising plan

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