Photos of 3 women. Text says "new experiences abroad" and "The youth leadership programme 2023" "webinar, December 12, 2023 at 11:00 AM"

The Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) involves recruiting 4 young disabled activists to spend a week with an organisation advocating for independent living and the rights of disabled people in another European country for 1 week each. 

To wrap up and celebrate the end of the Programme we will be hosting a Webinar at the end of all the country visits on the 12th of December at 11am CET

This webinar is an opportunity for each participant to share their experiences.  The four participants will present a comparative presentation of the culture, law and policy around disability rights in the country they visited and their home country. Also discussing their experience with the host organisation, their personal work as a disability rights activist and how they plan to utilize this experience going forward.

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