Countdown to #ILDAY18

Countdown to #ILDAY18

May 5th is very soon upon us and we would like to remind you of how you can get involved and express our thanks to all those who have let us know about events they are organising!

A real buzz is building, with exciting things happening from Norway to Montenegro, from Portugal to Lithuania. The array of events is very wide indeed, from street parties and marches to academic seminars. It truly is a joy to see it all come together! May 5th is not only a day of solidarity, but also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Independent Living movement and all those who have made it possible for things to change for the better. It is a day our movement needs and deserves.

As you may remember, the theme for this year is “Barriers to Independent Living”. If you wish to bring obstacles to Independent Living out for all to see, please send photos, videos and written testimonies to us at Keep in mind that whatever you send us can actually make a real difference, as we plan to use the material in our campaign for a stronger, more robust European Accessibility Act that truly works to enable full citizenship and participation in society in a meaningful way.

Another theme you may want to cover with your photos, videos or testimonies is barriers to political participation – as a voter or a candidate! Your contributions for May 5th will be used by ENIL in the run up to the 2019 European Parliament elections, to promote the right of disabled people to political participation.

Last but not least, if you’re in Brussels on May 4th, come join us at a screening of “Defiant Lives”, a documentary on the history of the Independent Living movement, at the European Parliament. Registration is required, so please click here to sign up. If you do not have a badge to enter the European Parliament, please register by April 27th.

Thank you for flying the flag for Independent Living! We wish you a wonderful May 5th and hope you enjoy it to the full!

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