No Limits – The Disabled People’s Movement – A Radical History. By Judy Hunt

No Limits – The Disabled People’s Movement – A Radical History. By Judy Hunt

“No Limits” explores the rise of the disabled people’s movement in the UK and to some extent beyond. At the core have been the struggles waged by disabled people to exercise control over every aspect of  life.

Central to the story has been the journey away from segregated residential institutions to a comprehensive social liberation movement for independent living and non-discrimination. The book shows how disabled people have continually challenged the power relationship with professional services, and evolved a new service sector under their leadership.

I was drawn into the unfolding events through my marriage to Paul Hunt. In 1972, he took the initiative to invite other disabled people to join him to form a radical new group to look at what needed to be done about the oppression of disabled people.  This became the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation (UPIAS). From their analysis came the Social Model of Disability that went on to have a profound influence on the way the political movement evolved. The story of UPIAS’ rise and achievements is gone into in some depth.

In her foreword, to this book Dr Jenny Morris says:

“At a time when as Judy Hunt writes: ‘disabled people are finding many of the gains of the 1980s and 1990s being eroded’, this book is a timely reminder of where these gains came from.”

No Limits is more than a history book for it aims to contribute to the ongoing struggle disabled people now face to maintain some control of their lives and also for caring professionals seeking to provide enlightened support in the community. In the face of severe austerity measures this book will give greater understanding of what can be achieved by collective effort with a clear sense of direction.

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