After 5 years, it’s time for me to say goodbye as Office Manager at ENIL. Many things have happened since I started and I can only say it’s been great to get to meet so many friends and work with wonderful people. I want to thank everyone for being there when I needed them and express my support for the values and goals of ENIL. But beyond these values, I will take a little time to write about what makes this organization so important: the people involved.

I want to begin with Jamie, who trusted me as the first person hired by ENIL in Brussels, and with Nadia who has always been there to help organize the Freedom Drive and all of our events. I also want to thank Kapka who always cheered the staff and praised our work so much whenever she was in Brussels. Together with her I want to thank all the other Board members I’ve met through the years: Tove, Vibeke, Maria, Stelios, Rados, Michael, Suela, Jukka, Armen, Marina, Paul, Tess, Mima, Christian, Tara and the late Debbie. I also want to thank Patrick and Dimitrios for their important suggestions during the Audit Committee Meetings over the years and I am grateful to Agnes and Beyza from the ENIL Youth Network and to all the participants of the 2019 Study Session. Chairing it was definitely a wonderful experience for which I want to thank each person I’ve met there.

It’s been a great chance to work on specific projects with Miro and Teo and I wish I could have worked more with Dilyana and Zara. Even if we only had little time it was still awesome. I want to remember the commitment and the enthusiasm of Peter who left us all too early. I also want to thank all the volunteers and their PAs who have joined ENIL during my time, Mher, Rebecca, Miriam G, Lauri, Lisa, Hatiye, Nina, Laura P. and an even bigger thanks to those who have worked in particular with me in the office, Miriam LP, Obada, Mikel, Naiara and Mazen.

But most of all I want to thank all the ENIL Staff. A big hug and a big thanks go to Lili who helped me especially during my first year, to Ines who stood up when ENIL needed it the most, to Natasa who does great work with a relaxed approach, to Kamil who has been incredible in involving our members, to Laura A. who is doing great despite all the difficulties of this crazy year.

Finally, let me close this by giving a special thank you to two more people. First, Dionyssis, who is by far the person who has helped me the most with the day-to-day work and he should really be proud of his contribution to ENIL. And last but not least Frank, the best colleague I’ve ever had. Without him doing my job would have been much more difficult and definitely a lot less fun.

I hope to have included everyone and thank you all for letting me be a part of ENIL. I’m sure things at the office will go very well with Marlene from now on. I wish you all the best with keeping the IL movement strong! Let’s stay in touch, I will miss you all!

Marco Carnesecchi

*Photo was taken from Marco’s online goodbye party, with the whole team present.