Independent Living

Apr 30, 2021,

Everything You Need to Know about the #ILDay2021!

The 8th edition of the European Independent Living Day on the 5th May is around the corner, and, as we recently wrote, this year we decided to dedicate it to the idea of movement or mobility, in a broader way. With this, we hope that many people and organisations across Europe and beyond will be motivated to…

Apr 30, 2021,

CHA – France and ENIL’s Recommendations on France

In view of the dialogue between France and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD Committee), which is scheduled for August 2021, Coordination Handicap et Autonomie – Vie Autonome France (CHA – France) – supported by ENIL – sent a number of recommendations for the Concluding Observations. The contribution gives an overview…

Apr 30, 2021,

Independent Living in Rural Africa

The name of our Association is the Association of the Physically Disabled, Lower River Region. This Association is in the countryside, in which we have children, elders and women. We are from Gambia, within the West Africa. Our Association is registered to the Anthony general chamber and we have a Land of 50/50 meter square….

Mar 31, 2021,

Book Review: Vying for a Choice: Gordana Rajkov – A Life Story

Independent Living has spread from the USA to many countries across the world. Started in the 60s by American activists, the ideology, philosophy and movement of Independent Living has been important for changes, making the world a better place for disabled people[1].  In the book – Vying for a Choice: Gordana Rajkov – A Life…

Mar 31, 2021,

New Research Project – Disability Youth Activism Across Europe: Do you want to participate?

Disability Activism in Europe: Young Disabled Activist’s Views and Experiences is a research project that explores disability activism, politics, and the activities of young disabled activists across Europe to challenge marginalisation and discrimination. It is co-funded by the University of Leeds and the Leverhulme Trust. It is led by Dr Miro Griffiths, a former board…

Feb 26, 2021,

Join us for the European Independent Living Day – May 5th 2021!

In 2014, the European Network on Independent Living – ENIL celebrated 25 years of existence. To commemorate this event and to celebrate our growing network, the ENIL Board decided to declare May 5th as the European Day on Independent Living. This day can be used as a day of celebration, for protests or any other…

Feb 26, 2021,

Croatia – Independent Living in a Pandemic

On 29th January, ENIL took part in the webinar “COVID 19 and the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Independent Living in a Pandemic”, organised by the Croatian Association for Self- Advocacy. The webinar was moderated by Damjan Janjušević from the Association for Self-Advocacy. The panellists were: Anka Slonjšak, Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities, Kristina…

Feb 26, 2021,

My One-of-a-Kind Solidarity Corps Year

For a month now, I have been trying to put into words the best, strangest and most transformative year of my life so far. When I first learned about the Independent Living movement and ENIL during a study session in 2019, I thought ESC opportunities and those experiences were so far away from me. Because…

Feb 03, 2021,

Stop the Pressure on CSOs in Belarus

The European Network on Independent Living – ENIL, stands in solidarity with our member organisation in Belarus, the Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities (ORPD), and other human rights organisations. As stated in the letter signed by a number of civil society organisations in the country, they are being targeted by the Department…

Jan 29, 2021,

UK and the EU: Where Next for Disabled People?

There has been little acknowledgement of disabled people’s rights, requirements, and policy needs during the campaigns, negotiations, and agreements that surround the UK’s exit from the EU. The referendum, the transition period, and the subsequent trade deals have not addressed the widespread concerns raised by disabled activists, their organisations, and scholars committed to improving disabled…

Jan 29, 2021,

Help us to contribute in creating the Mobility Divide Index!

Which issues mostly affect your experience on public transport? We would like to hear from you! In the TRIPS project, ENIL is playing a central role in the design of a new index to assess the level of accessibility of urban transport services. This index will be called Mobility Divide Index (MDI) and it will…

Jan 29, 2021,

ENIL: Starting a Job, Discovering a Network

How do you start writing about leaving a job which has allowed you to grow and explore, meet great people and develop a lasting passion for Independent Living? This was the question I asked myself when I started to write this article. Several versions later I decided that maybe it was best to just write…

Jan 29, 2021,

Independent Living Research Network: Laura Alčiauskaitė

Since the very beginning of my psychology studies, I always loved to look at the bright side of everything. I have the same approach when it comes to disability-related research – instead of emphasizing challenges and problems, I prefer to focus on individual strengths and opportunities. Before starting my PhD studies in Psychology at Vytautas…

Jan 26, 2021,

Invitation for ENIL Youth members to join the Youth Research Advisory Board as part of the research project “Disabled Children’s Participation in Healthcare Decision-Making”

What is the research project about? You are being invited to take part in a research project. Before you decide it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. This research project aims to explore the experiences of disabled children of being listened to and participating…

Jan 22, 2021,

10 Points on the 10 Years of CRPD in the European Union

It is 10 years today – the 22nd January –  that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) entered into force in the European Union. Or in simpler terms – it became law. We wanted to use this occasion to look back and briefly consider the impact of the Convention, from the perspective of independent living and ENIL as an organisation.

Jan 20, 2021,

ENIL Statement in Support of Ms. Ana Kotur-Erkić

In Brussels, 20 January 2021 – The European Network on Independent Living – ENIL is deeply concerned about a vicious public campaign against a member of our Youth Network and a well-known human rights defender in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Ana Kotur-Erkić. Ms. Kotur-Erkić, a lawyer, has been the victim of hate speech and threats…

Dec 29, 2020,

Looking Back at 2020

At the European Network on Independent Living – ENIL, we take the opportunity at the end of each year to take stock of our achievements, difficulties and whatever else that made the year gone by stand out. The past year, as nobody needs reminding, has been very different, and among those who were lucky to…