Personal Assistance

Dec 04, 2015,

Recap of 3rd December – Europe And Beyond

On the day after the celebrations ENIL makes an overview of the numerous and exciting events that happened throughout Europe. The list of events below is by no means exhaustive, it only gives a flavour of the tremendous excitement that could be felt thanks to all independent living and human rights activist!

Nov 25, 2015,

Freedom Drive Update – 25 November 2015

Almost two months have passed after the huge and successful ENIL Brussels Freedom Drive 2015! Herewith we present you with some of the important follow-ups of the event.

Nov 18, 2015,

Personal Assistance Tables – UPDATE

Precisely 3 months ago (on 18th August) ENIL published an article informing the wide public about one of our activities this year. ENIL is updating the information about Personal Assistance (PA) services available across Europe which was initially collected and analysed in 2013.

Sep 01, 2015,

ENIL Mobility Survey

ENIL is currently researching the barriers faced by disabled people when wanting to move or study in another EU Member State. We aim to collect data from as many disabled people as possible who have experience in this field and are willing to share it.

Aug 18, 2015,

Personal Assistance in Europe – Still a Neglected Pillar of the Independent Living

Personal assistance (PA) is an important concept in the framework of the Independent Living philosophy and essential for disabled people in need to live their lives with dignity, fully included in the community and to realize their potential. PA is one of ENIL’s main areas of work as and again high on the 2015 agenda with the updating and expanding of the PA database for PA legislation in Member States and other European countries.

Jun 23, 2015,

Zero Project – For a World Without Barriers

The Zero Project continues to be a success and has grown into an important world organization spreading good policy and practice for the rights of disabled people. With this article we take the opportunity to announce the Zero Project call on education and ICT for 2016. Pass the word to make sure that we, from the Independent Living movement, contribute with our good examples. Find the link for the registration of good policy and practice here.

Dec 11, 2014,

ENIL Christmas Appeal: Support Independent Living in Novi Sad, Serbia

As we get ready for the holiday season, we invite you to think of all those who need our support at this time of the year. Our partner organisation, the Centre LIVING UPRIGHT in Novi Sad, Serbia is one of the two accredited personal assistance providers in the country. However, because of the failure of…

May 29, 2014,

Alarming news! Restraints on personal assistance in Norway!

While visiting ULOBA in the field and speaking with Lena Mari Steinfjell Karlsen and Henriette Nielsen (both from ULOBA), ENIL has learned that concrete restrictions are taking place on the use of personal assistance in Trondheim. The Municipality of Trondheim has restricted the use of personal assistance outside of Norway. A user must first ask…

May 12, 2014,

First Case on Personal Assistance at the European Court of Human Rights

Dublin, 12 May 2014 – ENIL welcomes the first complaint concerning access of disabled people to personal assistance submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. The case of Radi v. Romania, submitted earlier this month, challenges the manner in which personal assistance is provided to disabled people. It argues that such treatment amounts to…

Apr 28, 2014,

Historical systemic change in disabled people’s sector in Flanders

Press Release from Onafhankelijk Leven vzw (CIL Flanders, Belgium) The disability sector is subject to a historical change as and from the 1st January 2015. The Flemish parliament has approved the Flemish Parliament decree which will realise this change. The decree of Individual Funding is providing a system in which the budget of the government…

Mar 07, 2014,

A small revolution

The Norwegian Government has now included hours for personal support contacts and respite care in the act governing user-controlled personal assistance. ‘Respite care and personal support contact hours will be included in the act, which is an important improvement compared with the bill presented by the red-green coalition government last year. Instead of the 3,000…

Mar 03, 2014,

Good news from Norway!

Good news from Norway! 20 years after Sweden, Norway is to obtain an individual rights legislation for personal assistance! The last government proposed a legislation that would have been a great backlash! With that proposal personal assistance would no longer have been able to be considered as personal assistance in its true form. Uloba, one…

Jan 28, 2014,

From Le Court to Strasbourg: Fighting for Independent Living for 30 Years

On 17 January 2014, the Southampton Centre for Independent Living – SPECTRUM held an event to celebrate 30 years since John Evans left an institution and started to live independently. Numerous independent living activists, from both the UK and abroad, gathered in Southampton or sent messages, paying tribute to John and saying “thank you” for…

Oct 30, 2013,

New Personal Assistance Table – Holland

The European Network on Independent Living is still collecting tables on the situation of personal assistance from all European countries and is pleased to be able to add the table from Holland. ENIL would like to thank Ms. Jose Smits for her work producing this table. There are now twenty one tables on the ENIL…

Nov 30, 2012,

European Foundation Centre Launches Study

The EU crisis seriously compromises the rights of people with disabilities and a study now brings us evidence to show that this is indeed true. On November 6th 2012, the European Foundation Centre launched a study entitled: “Assessing the impact of European governments’ austerity plans on the rights of people with disabilities”. The study reveals…