Since the elections on 9 August 2020, people in Belarus have been peacefully protesting, in demand of new, fair and free elections.  The ENIL member in Belarus — the Office for the Rights of People with Disability (ORPD) — shared an Open Letter with us on the current situation in the country. The letter was initiated by FreeMOWA and the ORPD, and  makes clear that the human rights of the people in Belarus are being violated. Peaceful protest for fair elections is being suppressed and both disabled and non-disabled protesters are being arrested and assaulted by the police.

ENIL fully supports the demands in the letter and joins the call for:

— The right to peaceful protest, in which both disabled and non-disabled protesters should be able to participate without fear of being arrested or hurt;
— The release of all political prisoners and those detained during peaceful protests;
— A thorough and independent investigation into violence committed against the civilians, including disabled people;
— Holding of the new Presidential elections, which must be fair and free.

We also call on the European Union to support the democratic process in Belarus and  ensure that the rights of disabled and non-disabled protesters are respected.

Read the Open Letter here.