For this year’s International Day of Disabled People, the Board members of the ENIL Youth Network have prepared the following messages:

Fatma Bulić: “This year and all years to come, the ENIL Youth Network will work to build an inclusive society for people with disabilities, accessibility and sustainability, especially in building the world after the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s be strong, proud and visible, not just today, but always!”

Charlie Wills: “This International Day of Disabled People, December 3rd, I believe that we should be building a more sustainable and more accessible future, by engaging with more disabled people, talking to one and other, and making sure that our voice as disabled people is unified when we are fighting for our rights.

Miroslava-Mima Ivanović: “The decrease of gap between life situations of persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities, which occurred during the corona crisis, can help us to better understand each other and build a better world.”

Marijeta Mojašević: “During 2020 and pandemic isolation, distancing and wearing mask period of time, I have realized that we need more understanding, inclusiveness, accessibility than ever, probably because of the fact that during this year we were left on our own at least one point of time. For the International Day of Persons with Disabilities I wish a world without barriers.”

Nora Eklöv: “Today and every day, it’s time to stand up for human rights. I want to highlight the right to independent living for all. To get the opportunity to live independently, for example, with help from support services as personal assistance, is a precondition to an equal society. During times of crisis it’s more important than ever to protect and guarantee the value of human rights, not least disability rights. By guaranteeing human rights today, we show what society we want tomorrow.”

Naomi Doevendans: “There are many misconceptions when it comes to disabled and chronically ill people, and two of them were highlighted and maybe even debunked during this pandemic period:

1. It’s a blessing to have an “excuse” to not go outside and work. You will have no responsibilities and game/sleep all day. I’m so jealous. While this statement is not true for all of us, its a reality for some chronically ill/disabled people that society is not available for us fully due to illness, inaccessibility and systematic oppression. The pandemic gave people without a disability a glimpse of life when you’re house bound, and gave a new perspective that it’s not fun when it lasts a long time. It detaches you of society.

2. Online work is not work. During this pandemic working from home was the “new thing”, and is now fully integrated and accepted by society. If this lasts post Covid-19, it will make the lives of many disabled people much easier. Let’s make society more accessible for all, and be understanding and kind to each other ♡