ENIL recently started a new project called “Entrepreneurship for All”, funded by the European Union under Erasmus+. “Entrepreneurship for All” will be implemented until the end of 2022, and we are working together with organisations from Turkey and Bulgaria.

The project will promote inclusive entrepreneurship, as well as inclusive learning and training methodologies on entrepreneurship for young people, regardless of disability and throughout Europe. You can read more about the project and its goals here.

In this context, we prepared two separate surveys, in order to collect important data which will allow us to continue to the next steps of the project. In the first one (which you can find here), titled “Entrepreneurship for All – First general Survey”, we ask young disabled people (up to 35 years of age) to let us know how they perceive entrepreneurship, and to what extent they are familiar with it, and interested in it. Moreover, it will give us information on how disability influences our knowledge or interest in entrepreneurship. This survey is targeting young disabled individuals, and their thoughts.

The second survey, titled “Entrepreneurship for All – Situation Assessment” (you can find it here), focuses more on data and information concerning opportunities and programmes related to entrepreneurship. Its goal is to provide us with enough information on entrepreneurship situation, needs, and opportunities among (young) disabled people, but also to provide us feedback on what should be done to make entrepreneurship more accessible and inclusive. There are no restrictions on who can answer this survey.

We would be grateful if you could spare some of your time on those (one or both) surveys, so we can acquire a good knowledge on the real situation out there, when it comes to entrepreneurship.

For further inquiries and questions please contact Kamil Goungor at: kamil.goungor@enil.eu

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