We are just 8 months away from the 10th edition of the ENIL Freedom Drive (on 26-28 September 2022), and for this anniversary we decided to go with something special: a Freedom Drive Song Contest!

The idea is simple: we are looking for songs on Independent Living, with bonus points if they are referring to the Freedom Drive. Even more bonus points if they can be sung together by a large group of people as they are moving through the streets of Brussels. Ideally, the song should not require any instruments, though we could get together some drummers to play along.

Submissions can be in any language (sign language included), but if they are not in English then please send also an English translation of the lyrics.

The ENIL jury, of highly non musical experts, will evaluate all the submissions, and award the one that will be overall most suitable for the Freedom Drive.

And now the best part. The winner (individual or a group) will have their Freedom Drive costs covered by us, so she/he/they can join us in Brussels and perform the song at our party! But for this, they have to be residents of a European country (not only EU).

Please send your submissions –and if you have any questions too- to: natasa.kokic@enil.eu

Deadline: 31st May 2022

Let’s make the 10th anniversary of the ENIL Freedom Drive memorable!

Good luck!