Illustration of three young people protesting and text says "ENIL's Youth Leadership Programme 2023. A Call for Young Disabled Activists"

A Call for young disabled activists

European Network on Independent Living ENIL, is looking for 4 young people who are disabled and are active in the disability rights movement/engage in self-advocacy to send to a host organisation in another European country for 1 week.

The activist will be sponsored under ENIL’s Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) to spend a week with a disability rights organisation abroad.

YLP is co-funded by the European Union (CERV programme) and is part of ENIL’s core work.

Objectives of the Youth Leadership Programme

For 4 young disabled activists to spend a week with an organisation advocating for independent living and the rights of disabled people in another European country for 1 week each. 

During their 1-week visit, the young person will:

  • Learn about the culture, the law and policy surrounding disability and independent living in that organisations’ country; 
  • Learn about the work and impact of the organisation, gaining insight into different methods and avenues for activism;
  • Bring their own knowledge, skills and experience to the organisation;
  • Take away new ideas and knowledge to their own organisation/country and apply them in their work;
  • Write about their experience in the form of a diary, blog, social media stories, Newsletter articles etc. (during and after the placement).

Before the programme, an online meeting will be organised with the young people by ENIL. After the visit, another meeting will take place to share experiences from the placements, discuss future plans and possibilities for working together, and to evaluate the programme.

Conditions of the visit

  • 1 week (7 days: 5-day work week and 2 days’ travel)
  • Travel and accommodation organised by ENIL
  • Travel and accommodation covered by ENIL (including travel and accommodation costs of Personal Assistant if applicable)
  • The 4 visits will take place between July and December 2023 (depending on host organisations’ schedule)

The Host organisations

The four organisations who agreed to host young activists under the YLP are:

All togetherNow (Albania)
Independent Living Movement (Ireland)
Kynnys Rs (Finland)
Validity (Hungary)

How to Apply

Please send a 1-page motivation letter, explaining why you would like to participate and how you plan to use the experience in your own country, along with your CV (max 2 pages), to Please state where you would like to go (which of the four oganisations) in your order or preference.

You must be older than 18 and younger than 35 at the time of the visit to apply. You must be a resident in one of the countries belonging to the Council of Europe. Members of the ENIL Youth Network are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline for applications: 16th June 2023.