I am Melike, a new volunteer at ENIL. I was born and raised in Beşiktaş, Istanbul and moved to Brussels as of September 2021. I completed my undergraduate and graduate education at Istanbul Bilgi University Sociology and Cultural Studies programs. I took part in various projects and researches for 10 years in the Center for Sociology and Education Studies (SEÇBİR) team at the same university. I have carried out projects and research focusing on discrimination and discriminatory ideologies such as sexism, ableism, racism and ageism. Considering that inclusive education plays a key role for an inclusive society, I have worked to contribute, providing educational environments where ‘all’ students feel the sense of belonging.

I took part in interdisciplinary projects where I came together with disability rights activists, academics and teachers. I find it very exciting and inspiring that people from different fields gather around a common topic and discuss the issue from different perspectives. In addition, I conducted research focusing on the representation of disability in Turkey’s textbooks for my graduate thesis. Disability studies has been a subject that is on my agenda both academically and personally and that I have always reflected upon. At ENIL, I voluntarily support my friends who are currently working in the PAKT project. I am so excited to be a part of the team.

Apart from the details about my education and working life, I enjoy listening to music and singing. I also studied gastronomy and love to cook and dine.

Hope to meet you soon!