Inclusion Beyond Borders

Inclusion Beyond Borders

From 28 May to 4 June, ENIL Youth and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organised a joint study session on intercultural inclusive learning in the Council of Europe’s Youth Centre in Strasbourg.

The aim of the study session was to promote intercultural inclusive learning by bringing together 24 young disabled and non-disabled people from different background and 18 different countries in Strasbourg, for a week of training and exchanging experiences.

The program was based on non-formal education and started with an introduction into the theory of inclusion and intercultural learning.  In the second part of the week, the focus shifted from theory to practice. Participants got the chance to either deliver a workshop on a topic related to intercultural inclusive learning, or to work on a manual on this topic which could (and will) be used by ENIL and ESN after the study session.  The workshop audience consisted of 16-18 year old students from a local school in Strasbourg.  This was (linguistically) challenging, but also rewarding for study session participants and the local students.

The essence of the study session was recorded by Patrick Doodt, from Doodt Films. During the entire week, Patrick captured participants’ experiences by recording the study session activities and interviewing them.  The resulting documentary will be published on YouTube after the summer.

It was fascinating to see how by the end of the study session the participants used their different backgrounds as a strength and developed as an inclusive group. One of the best examples of this was the fact that on the last day the participants took the initiative to do an inclusive energiser before the start of the afternoon session.

ENIL and ESN thank the Council of Europe Youth Department for supporting the study session.

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