Nadia is looking at the camera with quote that says "we don't wait for Santa Claus, we just want our basic human rights to be respected."

On 6 December, we were in the European Parliament to discuss the question “We can’t afford any more barriers! – Do European funds support accessibility in Europe? Although the room we were given by the Parliament was not accessible to the wheelchair users in the room. For example, a ramp was needed to access the table where the rest of the panel was located, but no ramp was available in the room.

It was difficult to have a real conversation without keeping in mind what we were facing. Where do we start the discussion when the very place where we want to talk is not accessible? Inaccessibility is a form of exclusion.

The rest of the room was not accessible either to most of the wheelchair users who had to find stay in the first rows of the room. For instance, the wheels of Nadia’s wheelchair prevented her from moving into the room or accessing the front of the room.

“I hear a lot of talking and talking and talking and talking and talking but nothing change. I would like to see things change”

Bendeguz Nagy Lóránd is the vice-president of MEOSZ

Statement from Nadia Hadad, Co-chair of ENIL

Hear Nadia Hadad’s statement on this matter in the video below.