Urgent Action: European Care Srategy

Last week we called on you, our members and supporters, for your help with our campaign on the European Care Strategy. In its draft Council recommendation the European Commission treats of long-term care. Long-term care implies that there so no more hope for a person to participate equally in life. That is the opposite of what we have been fighting for in the Independent Living Movement. We want equal participation for disabled people in all areas of life and the support services which are necessary to achieve this.

The call on member state governments to enact changes in the Council of the EU we need you to express your support to us. You can read the draft letter and our amendments here. You can find a full statement on the Care Strategy here.

The support you already gave made it possible for us to send letters to the governments of Belgium, Germany and Spain. To see all letters that have been send, click here.

This is a good start but we want more! Supporting our campaign is now even easier. What we need is your permission to list you as a supporter when contacting your national government. In addition you can lend us your electronic signature which is an even powerful sign.

To declare that you support our action against the EU Care Strategy simply fill out this brief form.

You want to support our campaign with your name as well. You can support one of the letters already published and we will add you to the list of supporters. If we receive a significant number of new supporters to a published letter we will inform the respective government of the increase in support. The government of your country has not received a letter yet? No problem! As soon as you declare your support we will draft a letter to your government with your name listed as a supporter. Simply fill out this form.

Alternatively, you can contact our campaign coordinator florian.sanden@enil.eu.