ENIL has been involved in a project called ‘Mapping of Barriers to Social Inclusion
for Young People in Vulnerable Situations’. Its main aim is to take a closer look into
the barriers to inclusion faced by young people, analyzing the relations between
these barriers and giving recommendations for changes in youth policy. One
important message of the project is the paradigm shift – from ‘vulnerable young
people’ to ‘young people in vulnerable situations’ – a shift from labeling an individual
to identifying the situation that is hindering an individual from social inclusion. Mari
Siilsalu from Estonia represented ENIL at the expert seminar in Strasbourg from 30
September to 2 October 2014, along with some 30 other experts. One of the main
purposes of this seminar was to gather the initial feedback to the first draft of the
report, to be produced by three experts in the field of youth research.