Jamie Bolling

Mrs. Jamie Bolling (Co-chair) is the director of the Independent Living Institute (ILI) in Stockholm and the co-chair of ENIL – the European Network on Independent Living. She was a member of the European Fundamental Rights Platform’s Advisory Panel from 2010 – 2014.

Jamie has a Masters degree in Social Anthropology and work experience in disability research, international development cooperation, hate crime as well as other areas concerning disability issues. She is today the vice President of MyRight, working with International Disability Development Cooperation, and the project leader for the project called Disabled Refugees Welcome which is run by ILI.

Combining her experience in politics as a county counselor and from different appointments at local, regional, national and EU level, with her vast knowledge of the international disability movement, Jamie works for progress in Independent Living issues, the self-determination of disabled people, access to equality and full participation of disabled people in our societies.