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Jun 02, 2020,

Independent Living Reading List

Independent Living (IL) Reading List (updated on 23 August 2018) The IL Reading List is created and maintained by the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) and reflects ENIL’s mission, values and priorities. The list may also contain references to papers that criticise the ideas and practices of Independent Living because we believe that being…

May 04, 2020,

ENIL Youth Demands Rights in Times of Crisis

In this time of crisis, it is easy to be convinced by the Governments’ messaging that the most important priority is the health of wider society, the protection of health care workers and the sustainability of the economy. ENIL Youth Network see these priorities as necessary to solve this crisis but what we cannot accept…

Mar 06, 2019,

ENIL and EDF Launch Collection of Examples Aimed at Supporting Independent Living

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) and the European Disability Forum (EDF) are pleased to launch a collection of examples from different EU Member States, which facilitate the right of disabled people to live independently in the community. The collection of examples, collected through a Europe-wide survey in 2017, seeks to promote and encourage…

Jan 13, 2017,

A New Year – a New Study Session – Apply Now!

Apply Now for the ENIL/ESN study session “Inclusion Culture – Promoting Leadership in Intercultural Understanding within Mixed-Ability Groups”, taking place in Strasbourg form 28 May – 4 June 2017.

Nov 13, 2016,

Study Session ​”All in – creating inclusive and empowering spaces for all”

The study session ​“All in – creating inclusive and empowering spaces for all”, coordinated by IFM-SEI and the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL), in partnership with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, will look at creating inclusive child and youth organisations, focusing on disability rights and children’s rights, and is open to members from Council…

Feb 03, 2016,

Personal Assistance Service CUTS in Latvia

Three years ago disabled people in Latvia received fantastic news – personal assistance (PA) legislation was to be introduced in Latvia. The legislation came into effect on 1st January 2013. In short, disabled people could apply for personal assistance funded through the national government and administrated by the local municipalities. It did not take long…

Jan 18, 2016,

Unjustified Cuts in the Budget for Personal Assistance in Italy

ENIL’s advisory panel member Raffaello Belli recently wrote an article as a reaction to the commonplace excuses of the authority figures in Italy when it comes to lack of funding for personal assistance. ENIL is perseveringly working in the area and next week a report on the situation of the personal assistance in Europe will be published.

Nov 03, 2015,

Michael Holden: “I Don’t Feel Disabled in the USA”

The independent living activist from Northern Ireland Michael Holden shares with us what it is to go back to your home country and instead of feeling warmly welcomed, to meet the cold barriers of the physical environment that isolate you from normal life in the community.

Oct 13, 2015,

EVS Volunteer Kamil Goungor On His Adventures in Belgium

About 40 days ago I came from Greece to Belgium. It is my first time in this part of Europe. That fact was already exciting by itself, but my story was just beginning and every day it becomes more and more exciting!