Role Models

Jan 28, 2020,

Meet Fatma Bulić, the New Chair of the ENIL Youth Network

In its recent board meeting, the new Board of the ENIL Youth Network elected its new chair and vice-chairs. As the new chair, it decided to elect Fatma Bulić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), while for the position of vice-chair it decided to appoint both Miroslava Ivanović (Montenegro) and Charlie Willis (United Kingdom). Below you can read…

Dec 27, 2019,

Meet the New Board of the ENIL Youth Network

This December, the ENIL Youth Network elected its new Board, for the second time after its establishment. They have replaced the previous Board, composed of Rados Keravica (Serbia – chair), Rebecca Farren (UK – vice-chair), Andrey Sosnov (Russia), Beyza UnaI (Turkey), Marijeta Mojasevic (Montenegro) and Kamil Goungor (Greece – only for the first year). The…

Oct 16, 2019,

Meet ENIL’s New Leadership

On 3 October, the General Assembly of the European Network on Independent Living elected six new Board members, who will join the three Board members serving their second term. Out of the new Board members, five were elected to serve two terms (2019 – 2023) and one to serve one term (2019 – 2021). During…

May 31, 2019,

Join the ENIL Youth Network Board!

ENIL Youth Network is looking for Board members. Below you will find the call with information about how to join, as well as an essay by Marijeta Mojašević, one of the current Board members, on why you should join. The Youth Network is excited to announce the call for nominations for the ENIL Youth Network…

Apr 01, 2019,

Remembering Mike Oliver

Earlier this month, a noted academic and disability rights activist Mike Oliver passed away. He was key to the promotion and adoption of the Social Model of Disability. Oliver was revolutionary in the UK as a disabled person living independently in society. His academic work contributed to the creation of disability studies as an academic…

Feb 28, 2019,

We are looking for new Board members!

Do you know somebody who could make a difference as a new ENIL Board member? If yes, please consider nominating them for the upcoming Board elections on 3rd October 2019. ENIL – the European Network on Independent Living – is looking for new active Board members, to be elected during the 2019 Freedom Drive, when…

Sep 29, 2017,

Independent Living Heroes – Ed Roberts and Judith Heumann

Ed Roberts and Judith Heumann need little introduction. They are internationally known as the pioneers of disability rights, as they put the foundations and started the engine of the Independent Living Movement. Their personal experience is as much a demonstration of Independent Living as their professional efforts as activists for equality and human rights for…

Apr 27, 2017,

Martin Naughton – Independent Living Hero

In the coming months, up to ENIL 2017 Freedom Drive, the ENIL monthly newsletter will highlight the great individuals who have committed their lives to advocating for Independent Living. This month’s publication we celebrate the life and work of Martin Naughton.

Oct 12, 2016,

Eye-Opening ENIL Internship

Kristina Dudonyte, a 27-year-old independent living activist from Lithuania and a member of the ENIL Youth Network, has recently finished her internship at ENIL and shares her impressions in this article.

Jun 30, 2016,

ENIL Interviews Kalle Konkkola

This month, the Independent Living movement achieved a great victory – Finland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons wih Disabilities (CRPD) and its Optional Protocol. ENIL interviewed Kalle Konkkola, one of the founders of ‘KYNNYS: THE THRESHOLD ASSOCIATION’ – the Finnish Independent Living organisation.

May 11, 2016,

Kristina Dūdonytė Has a Winning Streak!

Kristina Dūdonytė’s study visit to increase her knowledge on Independent Living received funding from the Bentes Skansgårds Independent Living fund.