Nov 12, 2018 News

One Year After the Social Pillar: Will Europe Vote for Segregation or Inclusion?

Discriminatory laws and policies still force disabled people to live apart, use special services, live in segregated institutions. We want this to end with the next elections. In 2018, thousands of disabled people across Europe are still hidden away from society. Contrary to promises, European funds still promote segregation...

11 Months until the 2019 Freedom Drive

With less than one year until the 2019 Freedom Drive, ENIL is working hard on getting everything ready for the big event. The final dates are 1st – 3rd October 2019, so please mark these in your calendars, if you haven’t already. Freedom Drive schedule We are pleased to...

EU Funds for Our Rights Campaign Update

ENIL’s “EU Funds for Our Rights” Campaign continues with its activities of looking into the use of EU Funds for Independent Living. This month, on 1st – 2nd October, our Campaign Coordinator Natasa Kokic spoke at the training “Disability-related Financial Instruments in light of EU Law and the UNCRPD”,...

European Network on Independent Living

ENIL is a cross - disability rights civil society organization working in all EU countries. ENIL represents the disability movement for human rights and social inclusion based on solidarity, peer support, deinstitutionalisation, democracy, self-representation, cross disability and self-determination.

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